July 18, 2006
Collective argh

No matter how segregated Chinese are amongst themselves, when you hear some "like ya" pair of women sitting at the top of the bus saying "...Chinese guy on the phone going meuh meuh meuh...". Ok, fair enough, I was thinking silently that the Mainland Chinese guy should shutup, as he was talking on his phone for 20 minutes outloud. But something those women said kinda pushed my buttons. So I half turned, and looked at them to see what they looked like. And they made a snide comment about me, thinking I did not understand them. I had my right mind to take pics of them, and place them on this site to shame them. I just rang up my fiancé and spoke in English of course. That shut the spiteful so and so's up. Goodness, I was just minding my own business trying to stay awake, getting to work on the bus. This crap keeps happening. And these women were not even scumbags. Argh, snobs.

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Posted by whykay at July 18, 2006 11:29 PM