July 17, 2006
It's really summer

It's sunny outside (I know that I should be having my lunch, basking in the nice sun, a rarity in its own... but I had enough of that in HK). But it will remain like this for the next few days ... 30 degress celcius! Wow! And in the mean time, HK is lashing with amber → black warnings on Sunday and there is no let up on rain over their. But we are on par with being 29 degrees here and over there. I like it better over here, at least it is not humid! But if you were curious on real-time weather in HK at this moment, the government weather page can show just that.

Ireland the same temperature as Hong Kong. OMG, is all I am thinking right now.

Posted by whykay at July 17, 2006 01:17 PM