June 20, 2006
Club Travel offers

Club Travel offers, originally uploaded by whykay.

Speaks for itself, plus check out the website, http://www.clubtravel.ie .

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Update from Derek via Flickr (Thx, Derek!)

旅游俱乐部 Club Travel
网上订票统 Online Ticket-booking system
操作简单 便于使用 Simple to use convenient to use
最优惠价格 Best Price!
都柏林-北京 €450 Dublin - Beijing €450
都柏林-上海 €470 Dublin - Shanghai €470
都柏林-香港 €535 Dublin - Hong Kong €535
都柏林-广州 €590 Dublin - Guangzhou €590
中文服务电话01-500 5540
地址:30 Lr. Abbey Street, Dublin 1


Ticket prices may change at different times of the year, please phone us in time for enquiries.
For Chinese language service, phone 01 500 5540
Address::30 Lr. Abbey Street, Dublin 1

And the small print:

"以上价格均不含", "prices do not include tax" !!

Posted by whykay at June 20, 2006 08:08 PM