May 09, 2006
Cheating in exams in HK will soon be a crime

You cheat, you're nicked according to this article I read from The Standard. I am not sure how the students use their phones, they should be kept out of the exam hall regardless, or in their bags with all their books in a place where the invigilator keep watch (i.e. at the top or back of the room). Would it be taken this far over here? I hear stories of how folks see other folks cheat, and the supervisor is oblivious. I saw in one issue of The Times, that cctvs are used to monitor students during examination. I know it's hard to get into college in HK, but is it still worth it to sully your name for the sake of better grades obtained by cheating. Doing that, you are only cheating yourself.

Posted by whykay at May 09, 2006 08:25 PM