March 12, 2006
Pantyhose tea

I recently came across this article acout pantyhose tea. I tried this before in one of the food stalls (like Dai Pai Dong in Cantonese) in the old market place in Tai Po Hui. My aunt tells me at the time, that this type of tea is very smooth and silky, unlike normally made tea. All I could think of, it's been strained through silk stockings! But I tried it, and it tastes different than the other tea in HK, mostly because they use evaporated milk instead of good ol' cow's milk. Heh, cow's milk is not all the common in HK. A visiting cousin a few years back to Limerick, just could not get enough of our Dawn/Golden Vale milk. He drank loads each day.

You can read more on HK's diffrent types of tea here.

I'll think I will stick to "Ling Muk", honey and lemon water when I visit HK.

Posted by whykay at March 12, 2006 11:00 AM