December 07, 2005
HK Disney - 2 points of view

The Mainlanders are not happy because they cannot communicate with Mickey and rest of Asia are not happy with Mainlanders because of their manners. Honestly, I am not surprised that English and Cantonese is spoken in HK Disneyland. Euro-Disney is mostly spoken in French (ok, they have a law there to restrict spoken English). But China has their own parks, why don't the other parks take into considerations of other cultures then? See what I mean?

Now mannerisms is a totally different issue. Mainlanders (from what I see) really don't have any. Why? Is it so hard? Or are they just ignorant. I know not all folks from the mainland are like this, but seeing with your own eyes only justifies the case that mainlanders have a problem. This is part of the culture, and I don't think the type of mannerisms we currently witness will be weaned off soon (unfortunately). But it makes me ashamed to be Chinese, and this is mainly the reason why I don't want to be associated with Mainland Chinese. No offense. But when it comes down to manners, it does not matter who you are, it is just not nice to act like a caveman.

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Posted by whykay at December 07, 2005 12:12 AM