September 28, 2005
Gaelic getting popular in China

Heh, saw this article, Gaelic football gains flavour among the Chinese women, and it's really amazing that the sport is being picked up so fast over there. More so with the women than men (men's teams are mainly made-up of Irish ex-pats). Don't you notice that the Chinese love the Irish culture? Well, I do. Lots of Chinese music students love playing Irish music. They love listening to Irish music (my parents included, more so with mom). And probably be one of the fav destinations for holidays, because the temperature is not too hot, or too cold. Apart from Chinese with Dub accents, and probably even more in China from all those TEFL courses. Imagine, it'll be English with Irish accents in China in 5-10 years time!!! It's going to be like back at home in Ireland, now coupled with rising popularity of GAA.

I still remember the episode in Fr. Ted with the Chinese in it. That was hilarious!

Posted by whykay at September 28, 2005 10:33 PM