September 21, 2005
Maybe Ireland should take steps to include minority as well

Saw this article in the Belfast Telegraph online about advertising to the ethnic minority to entice them to vote.

Advertisements in Chinese, Portuguese and Polish are being placed to sign up new Northern Ireland voters.

Although I did see one mistake in the ending paragraph

"As well as placing advertisements and editorial in publications such as the Sing Tao Daily in Cantonese and in Portuguese and Polish within specific local Northern Ireland papers, our campaign will be targeting key groups in workplaces, hospitals, schools and colleges,"

Should be Chinese, not Cantonese...but all-in-all, I think it is a good idea. Especially when Bank Of Ireland has kicked start a campaign to target minority groups here in Ireland. We should take it another step further.

Posted by whykay at September 21, 2005 10:58 PM