September 19, 2005
HK students too shy to speak English

Saw this article in The Standard about HK students who are too shy to speak English, even with foreigners around. They would speak in Cantonese more.

Suffice to say, I tend to speak Cantonese when I have Chinese friends around, and yes... I do translate what we are talking about. Please don't take this as being rude or ignorant, but for me personally, I find it hard to speak Chinese when I am away from home. And when I do meet up with Chinese friends, we have Irish friends with us also (and other nationalities whose English is not their mother tongue of course).

But I would try to speak in English as much as I could. It does not help that a group can sometimes be split because of this, and I have to try and bring everyone back together (but you know, after a few pints, we all forget).

Heh... I just wonder if anyone who have had this experience as well?

Posted by whykay at September 19, 2005 11:08 PM