May 13, 2005
Bun Festival and a handy PDA guide

The Cheung Chau tradition has returned, and the new bun tower is impressive to look at. It'll be on May 16th. Plus if you cannot make it, and if you are in HK, watch it live. Those crazy people!

Some links

* Discover HK info about it.

* wikipedia entry.

* A news item

(Still remember all those old Chinese kungfu movies that shows the likes of Jackie Chan, and Jet Li scrambling for buns... heh!)

And since I am on about cultural things.... it leads me onto tourity things. I want to point out that a free PDA tourist guide is available to download from discoverhongkong site.

Oh, and check out those Disney MTR trains (scroll right down to the bottom for piccie).

Posted by whykay at May 13, 2005 10:56 PM