April 09, 2005
Ching Ming

A collection of stories of what goes on during Ching Ming at Boing Boing. It's wierd that other folks are interested about it. I totally forgot about it until I saw all these stories. Why? I suppose we do not have to carry out all these customs, like tidying our ancestors' tomb (well, we have to go back to Hong Kong for that). But certain traditions just don't happen over here imho. The only thing maybe is Chinese New Year, and we just get the family together and get red lai see packets (heehee, yup, I still get this, it's great to be single.). It's a shame really, that we don't have experience of these traditions. Although we do see or hear about them from tv, or from others who knows about the traditions. Maybe the next time I go to Hong Kong, I might be able to take part in some traditions.

Ching Ming is a Chinese festival on April 5th.

Posted by whykay at April 09, 2005 09:48 PM