April 07, 2004
Clash Of Culture??

Right so... here's another shot...

So maybe it's not that Chinese people are giving us a bad name... maybe that after we've all been here for such a long time, that now we've grown accustomed to our Irish-Chinese way of life? It may not be a big change of life. It may be just the same as any HK persons life, just that we've managed to weave Ireland into it! So then these new people come along.. perfectly lovely and nice... but then they bring along all these traditions that we might miss or have not practised for years??? Or maybe that we're imtimidated by the fact that we're not so special anymore?? Like not in a bad way... but that we don't know every single chinese person that walks along the road or else that there's so many of us now that we aren't particularly noticed at all anymore?

Also with the whole market stall thing... I think it's a bit hard to have a typical HK style chat with a marketstall person hen we are all confined to our shop gruops! Not that it's a bad thing, just that it's different! It wouldn't be a very free conversation as ther wouldn't be any random chats with more intersted people who are buying the ingredients or something!

Posted by treetypie at April 07, 2004 10:12 PM