March 28, 2004
What Do We Think?

After opening a topic in the forum.. it has led me to realise that Chinese people coming to Ireland has really killed alot of the respect Irish people have for Chinese people. Partly because of their perfect english (sometimes) and difference in culture, the Irish have lost all amazement in Chinese people. They no longer seem like out-of-the-blue, extraoridinary people; they are normal everyday sights... commonly seen in shifty looking gangs, which is a shame because this is not what everything is actually like in HK.

The people in HK are quite jolly, many people do tend to greet each other on the street, you can have a lovely conversation with many of the market stall keepers and everywhere you go somebody has a smile on their face!

In Ireland.. all you tend to see is people hanging around in groups, smoking and not looking particularly pleasant, not that they can help it, of course. If you were put into a foreign country and faced with a minimum wage job I'm sure you wouldn't be smirking either.

With alot of thought put in you would see that it's a vicious circle really... Chinese people are world renowned for many manufacturing and technological things, students come here and act like normal students, we see them far too often, the amazement about the techonology and manufacturing goes away, respect is lost. More chinese people come here, more respect is lost...

Even though China has built up an amazing reputation, a relatively small thing has destroyed this in Ireland, it just goes to show that one small thing can extinguish all the good things...

Posted by treetypie at March 28, 2004 01:31 AM