October 04, 2003
Why are there not many Asians in Florida?

Was in Florida last week. Really nice, but what I wanted to write about here is that I did not see many local Asian people in the area of Florida I was at (Port St. John, by the way). Come to think of it, I hardly saw many Asian tourists in Seaworld, Space Kennedy Centre and Universal Studios. There were some groups, but not in droves.
I know that Hong Kong are getting more tourists now, are are recovering very well (which is good news), as they are attracting many mainland Chinese to go to Hong Kong.
But it is wierd to hear many other Chinese people speak Cantonese in Newark airport while I was waiting to get my connecting flight back to Dublin, and coming back to Dublin, and all you would mainly hear is Mandarin. I really have to try and learn that some day!

Posted by whykay at October 04, 2003 06:40 PM