June 15, 2003
College, jobs... stressful times for students in the Far East

Jeepers! And we thought it was hard for graduates to find jobs here! Read Big New network.com - 1m university graduates face unemployment... 1 million graduates face unemployment... (gulp)
And also from Big New network.com - Students battle post-test stress with superstition, spending. It never changes, does it? All this stress to get higher grades and get into college is so much higher than over here in Ireland. Not sure what it is like anywhere else, maybe someone can enlighten me about that? :) Anyway, right at this moment, I am doing a course, and it is not as stressful, and I am enjoying it. Students getting into college should enjoy the experience as well, yes, I know, there will always be a need for competitiveness anyway.

Posted by whykay at June 15, 2003 11:36 PM