March 03, 2003
Too much fish is a danger to unborn children

Saw an article that says, HK babies are born with higher levels of mercury when the expectant mothers consume high amounts of fish, even though the fish does not contain high amounts of mercury. It is because Chinese intake of fish is quite high! I love fish as well, but this is an alarming find by scientists. Although I am hoping to blame the seafood caught. I tend to eat the fins, fish skin and the head (if there is one), and leave the meat to others. It's the same whether is fried or steamed. Pan-fried sole fish are nice, as the outter bones are crunchy and quite fragrant. Whereas sea fish like seabass are really nice when steamed and covered in ginger and scallions... mmm... I am not a fan of spicy sauce over steamed fish however. Sweet and sour sauce is nice though. Oh, don't forget preserved vegetables sprinkled over the steamed fish as well.

Posted by whykay at March 03, 2003 01:05 PM