January 11, 2003
HK Chinese and pets

What is it with HK people and keeping more than 1 pet in a small flat? A funny thing happened while I was in HK, I was heading out of the flat with my BF, and waiting for the lift. When the lift doors opened, I saw 2 large dogs (breed like lassie) and a smaller dog! The lift was not that big but the person who owns the dogs told us to go in, even though we were not sure of getting in. My aunt told me that the block of flats I am staying in, lots of people own pets. The thing that horrified me the most was when I asked what if the dogs barks and stuff. Aunt says that they arevery good, but they were cruelly trained, shocked when they were puppies to stop them barking, or do something to their voiceboxes. Thing is the HK people love their pets to bits, and they almost always buy pure breeds. I visited a pet store (one of many in Mongkok), and the kittens I saw were really frightened, although they were kept in very clean environment, but they looked like they wanted to go home with me... sigh... And HK people are chinchilla mad. You can pay upto HK$2000 for a champagne or an indigo coloured. And there were puppies (awww), hamsters, rabbits etc... And boy were the aquarium shops that sell fish impressive. But keeping a pet in such a cramp environment to me is still not right. They should be able run around in a garden (ok, for a dog or a cat). Well, that is my view. They are so crazy in HK!

Posted by whykay at January 11, 2003 02:13 AM